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wanted a taco for everybody. i feel happy that i brought everybody together in united states and great moment for all of america. >> dan: you may remember the ads. promising that the major league player stole a base everybody would be treated to a taco. he delivered. so people here started lining up at taco bell in redwood city to get a glimpse of pagan and get that free taco. >> flee taco not just me but the whole united states. >> that is what i'm talking about, yeah! >> and public schools in san francisco wouldn't be shut down tomorrow and superintendent wants to make sure they don't skip school to see the parade. he sent home a letter to send kids to class. if they don't show up the state won't give the district the full funding. >> if you are planning to attend the parade, public transportation is the best way to get there. bart will be on rush hour schedule all day long. caltrain will run extra trace, muni will add buses but some will be rerouted around the parade route and golden gate ferry will be adding service. we will carry it online and ipad app so you can watch it at work.
recognized in that game tonight. some of them you might not have ever heard of. united states marine corporal nicholas kimmel. he threw out the first ball tonight. this is a man who lost both legs and his left arm in afghanistan and another well known person in the game tonight. brian stow was in attendance though quietly. from the ballpark in san francisco, across the cove, wayne, abc 7 news. >>> brian stow of course the fan beaten so badly in los angeles last season. there noise game tomorrow. game 3 is saturday. 5:07 at could america park in detroit. tigers down 2 nothing. we move on to some other news tonight as we continue here. body that washed ashore sunday on san mateo county beach now identified as a runaway missing since september. authorities say no indication as of yet that 16-year-old katie quee from richmond was murdered. but they do say the results of toxicology test not back for two week. >> in the mean time the fbi is helping petaluma police find this 15-year-old boy. it's believed justin may heading to new york to see someone he met on the internet. he h
for a couple of items. the united states is sending troops to jordan to boltster its military. turkish fighter jets forced a passenger plane to land in the turkish capital of ankara. military communications devices were con skated and the air bus was given permission to leave. it was traveling with 35 passages and two crew aboard. tensions have been high since five turk irk civilians were killed by mortar fire last week. >>> the example of thcaptain o7 that ran aground is now attempting to get his job back. the night his ship ran aground, he says his dismissal is unfair because he was not under command of the ship when it hit a rock. he is under investigation for manslaughter, abandoning his ship and failing to properly communicate with maritime authorities. >>> next month, state voters will decide whether to scale back the three strikes law. it would revise three strike felonies to serious or violent crimes only. if it passes about 2700 inmate can be riesen tensed and likely will. three strikes allows prosecutors to press for 25 years to life sentences for any one with a third felony convicti
the united states. in san francisco the gang is based at 20th and mission. ms 13 is considered one of the world most dangerous and violent gangs. it is known for being especially violent and responsible for many, many murders. >>> well, more than one in 5 adults in the united states has a tattoo but recent out brick off tattoo related infor example cause for concern these days. michael with some important safety advice before getting inked. >>reporter: david beckham flaunts his tattoo in h and m commercial. fan web sit for celebrity like justin bieber and rihanna totally devoted to the singer tattoo and what they mean. big or small tattoo are now main stream. >> everybody comes in to get tattoo. tattoo a hedge fund manager a while ago. >>reporter: getting tattoo does pose health risk. the center for disease cell recen recently issued a report on tattoo related skin infection in several states caused by contaminated ink. consumer report medical advisor doctor says concerns go beyond skin infection. >> in many areas tattoo shops are completely unregulated so infection preven
in the united states and other states. panel says saves the lives of 1300 women over year but 4,000 women are overdiagnosed in the process. they are unnecessarily for cancer that would never have threatened their lives. sales on the rise, car sales, car buyers might want to check on auto after you leave the lot. they have an annual reliability of cars out. tonight michael finney has the details. >> when you go to buy a new car, you want one that stays out of a repair shop. you have a good chance with toyota. it's the most reliable car out there. it's based on experience with more than one million vehicles. >> toyota brand and lexus finished first and second and third for reliability. >> they were followed by mazda, subaru and honda and acura. ford's reliability dropped way down this year. >> two years ago, more than 90% of fords were average or better for reliability. in the last couple of years, they issued new models that have more problems. >> explorer, fiesta and focus and problematic, relatively new electronic infotainment system. top brands and coupe was most reliable domestic car.
york city. they is accused of building a secret al-qaeda cell here in the united states. on the sting operation that led to the arrest. >> prosecutors say the suspect is 21-year-old moved to america from bangladesh in january of this year specifically to carry out a terror attack. they say he started to recruit accomplices saying he had al-qaeda connects and justifying the killing of innocents by quoting a beloved osama bin laden. what he did not know one of people he contacted was an undercover f.b.i. agent who supplied him with 20, 50 pound bags what he believed were explosives. over the course he bought a detonator and even at one point told the undercover agent he wanted to kill the president. this morning. he allegedly packed the explosives into a van, connected a detonator, parked it outside the federal reserve bank where hundreds of people work, a symbol of capitalism in the middle of lower manhattan crowded financial district and walked over to the nearby hotel where he taped a video statement explaining his acts, quote, we will not stop until we attain victory. when he tried
in the netherlands. here in the united states salmon is sold at costco warehouse stores uer the kirkland store bra me anthis name. costco pulled th product fm its shelves after beinnotified. store says they have no independent problem. people from the mevr lands got sick. u.s. federal health officials say they are only in the preliminary stage of the investigation. >>> well bay area researchers are launching a prom equity that could ultimately save literally millns of women from being infected with the aids virus and delivery system puts the technology of the winds carolyn has the story. >> estimated 3000 women around the world are infected with hive every day. majority of those cases are in subject is a har app africa. now her team from memorandum lo park develop agile that cut the numbers dramatically. >> 2 part sale. apply to the site. it will stick but such a listening time at the same time 2 drug between our kids one effective and took 3. >>reporter: is to protect women from form of gele she says the gel would be effective terminated sometimes discourage use the use of condom. >> th
. >> i don't view that as trouble. just helping somebody out. >>reporter: clearly in the united states navy chivalry is not dead. along the embarcadero, abc 7 news. >> no it is not. hope they have a grit time while here. and the weather spencer is cooperating. >> lovely weekend. no heat wave any more. not terribly cool either. lots of sunshine daytime the and low clouds fog at night here's live view night tonight from the high defition camera. embarcero skies clear inldut we ve oudsow cloudsog alg e coast and more pushing into the north bay right now but the peninsula as well. spread very widely. looking at temperatures mainly in the upper 50's but milder readings 68 inland at antioch and these are our forecast feature clouds and fog thing and more wide spread overnight. partly cloudy to mainly sunny friday through sunday then chance of showers early next week. over nature tonight starting forecast animation 11:00 p.m. we will see clouds and fog out to the inland east ba ma parts north by a on tthe plan t so much on the south bay. overnight low mainly in the low mid 50's and
benefits issue settled. he corrects me when i refer to him as annex marine. >> i'm sergeant in the united states marin corps. tm just serving a different uniform. >>reporter: in livermore, tim daly news 3. >>> well because it's a tiny winery another only open for tasting the fst weekend of each month a tis is of ursehe fst wkend of october. tomorrow and sunday valor open for business if you would like to check them out. >> more to come here tonight. just ahead. the surprising new jobless numbers that took some of the wind out of the sails of mitt romney presidential campaign. >> also. these numbers don't smell rit. >> big drop in unemployment just spurs talk of conspiracy theory. tonight tracking down the people who punch those numbers. >> and this guy is 26 handicap. he couldn't. unbelievable. >> 150 foot putt. record setting athlete adds another >> pay attention. cell phone robbery are becoming an epidemic. we have to watch ourselves out there. san francisco police will tell you it is happening everywhere these days on the street at gun point and on muni buses. as for how ba
the crowd of thousands gave the president a festive welcome. >> the president of the united states of america. barack obama. [applause] is. >>reporter: president obama came to the tiny kern county ham let of keen to honor ufw founderhavez. declang his homeo be naonalmonument. inhe years to come generations of americans will stand where we stand and see a piece of history. a tribute to the a great man and a great movement. >>reporter: area known as lapaz covers more than 100 acres. it includes chavez house where his widow helen still lives. visitor center. anhis grave site. his son paul said the president declaration is an honor that goes beyond his father. >> isn't just recognizing my father work but the contribution of latino aged grant and the hard work they have done in the country. >> many saw this event honoring chavez as an effort to bolster his already substantial support for the hispanic community. judging by this crowd, president obama more than succeeded. >> i'm very happy very proud because today we have created history. >> one of the things that really caught me
for al qaeda an war until a failed fwoyd assassinate him. he was yemen cleric born in the united states killed in a drone strike remember last year. now abc news says c ci:recruited this man. a danish muslim as double agent. storm was close to the man and he asked storm to find him a european woman to be his third wife. here's video of him and the bride talking by video. the. >> this recording is done specifically for fichlt she's 32-year-old croasia woman. cia asked storm to give her a suitcase with tracking did he stris u.s. air force drone could strike and hit them and kill assassinate him. plot foiled when the woman ditched the suitcase apparently. amaze jooing for the second time in two week nobel prize has been awarded to stanford professor this morning it was the nobel for economic and it went to alvin roth whose work focuses on finding compatible matches in education and medicine. business technology reporter david louie has the story from stanford. >> unexpect. we didn't reach the phone in time but they called back. >>reporter: news of the middle of the night call from
. in san francisco gas is slightly more expensive at 4.49 a gallon. >>> well soon the united states could be the world biggest producer of oil. at the current production at pace the u.s. will pass saudi arabia in 2020 as the top producer. the reason? u.s. has developed a new controversial technique called infrastructureing pumping water sand chemical natural earth and squeezes out oil. scientist say could it ruin land and endanger drinking water however it has helped the u.s. use less foreign oil. that does not mean the u.s. is free of oil import of course. this year the u.s. will produce 1 10.9 million barrels of oil a day certainly a lot. but keep in mind americans consume 18.7 million barrels of oil every day. [ bell ringing prepare [. >> tough dion wall street. dow jones tumbled today after several major company missed estimated earnings. nasdaq gave back 26 points to close below 3000 first time since early august. s&p 500 lost 20 points. more now on the losses from abc news reporter sharon tm. >>reporter: that closing bell so you knowed like the end of prize fight but
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12